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Multinational Chemical Company

A German chemical and consumer goods company headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany. It is a multinational company active both in the consumer and industrial sector.


Across all levels of the company around the globe 


Middle East


A global behavioral competencies program based on a new strategy and leadership commitments

Design Service

eLearning - in-person and all virtual blended programs

The Challenge

Global Management Consultants was approached to help design the content and facilitate the learning programs for 5 to 7 behavioral competencies (such as Becoming a Critical Thinker, Impactful Presentation, Managing Projects with Agility, etc.) These were selected on the basis of past performance during a rigorous pilot phase as well as Client-Company’s new corporate strategy and leadership commitments. All middle managers, team leaders, and supervisors of The Client-Company across the globe are nominated to go through their learning program via the online learning platform, CrossKnowledge® and with Zoom® used for live sessions.  The key is to run identical programs across cities and countries where Client-Company employees are based for standardized learning for all.

What We Did

Once Global was selected to become the design company to deliver these standardized workshops, Global carried out the review of the workshop contents. We found that whilst the content was good, it lacked relevance and context to the complexity of the regional market and hence the cultural nuances were missing.  All programs were, therefore, further customized to local context and cultural nuances. Using the two online tools Zoom® and CrossKnowledge®, Global ensured learners had continued access to learning material and could collaborate in a virtual environment.


Due to COVID-19 regulations and safety parameters, Global also redesigned in-person blended programs to fully virtual blended programs. These programs span between 5 – 6 weeks each and have a mix of asynchronous (online, self-paced) and synchronous (live, instructor led – online and/ or  in person) learning. A sample learner’s journey looks like:

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