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Dubai Expo 2020

Global creates outcomes at Expo 2020, by harnessing opportunities via cultural adaptation, world class standards, and creative capabilities. Our collective expertise in international events, unique experiences, and talent management is unparalleled. We are serving Pavilions, businesses, and representatives of Sweden, Jordan, Philippines, India, and many more.
There are three stages of Expo:

photo of outer space_edited_edited_edited.jpg

We create success across all stages. Here is a bird’s eye view of what we offer: 

⦁    Event Management: F2F, Virtual, Hybrid
⦁    Sustainable Event Planning & Management
⦁    Pavilion Management
⦁    Guest Engagement & Service Standards
⦁    Talent Acquisition, Wellbeing, & Management
⦁    Governance and Quality: GQRC® Unit & Framework
⦁    B2B Business Services & Continuity Consultancy
⦁    And much more!

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