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Regional Electronics Retail

Since its inception in 2005, Client-Company has come a long way and has achieved many milestones to become one of the leading powerhouse electronics retailers in the region.


Managers, employees and customers


16 Client-Company stores across the U.A.E


Sales and revenue burst 

Design Service

Entire sales business outsources to Global for 28 days

The Challenge

Heights of regional recession - Thirty days into the region’s leading retail shopping festival (Dubai Shopping Festival DSF), and Client-Company had barely met 30% of its targets set for the DSF.


Only 28 days were remaining for the Festival to finish and a specific amount of revenues were still to be earned. We ran focus groups, mystery shopped at the stores as well as SDG’s competition – all overnight. What we found was overwhelming; the lowest possible employee and customer engagement, hierarchical structures making instant decision making, communication and actions impossible, tedious refund policies clogging up valuable time and staff, bribery between frontline staff and competition staff to pass sales, store managers cannibalizing team member’s sales and lastly the commissions and lack of customer footfall in stores

What We Did

Under the theme ‘120DSF-KING’, Global worked around the clock (it was a race against time) on a series on intervention initiatives to target first and foremost, staff engagement. This in turn raised customer engagement, which in turn increased customer engagement which further started to improve the bottom-line. This was all achieved through multiple initiatives, including but not limited to:


  • Fourteen levels of hierarchy and structure were flattened to just two levels of organization: Chiefs and champs.  

  • Processes and policies such as refund, and instant sales were revamped

  • Instant RRA (Reward, recognition and awards)

  • Sales & incentive management

  • Motivation of Employees as well as the Management

  • Store ambience and unique customer experience activities

  • Stringent follow ups and feedback

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