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Our Story

Global started out as a concept in Saira Akbar’s head. The concept of people enjoying the work they do and making a difference to the world around them. She resigned from her last job and sat with a friend in her living room to create what would then become Global. 

In 1997, Global become a registered entity and Saira was officially a new CEO who had to break into the young UAE market dominated by men and larger industry players with no team, investors, or internet. Having always worked in sales and marketing from the aviation industry for 15 years, Saira knew was not there to sell her products and services. She was there to make a difference and she would do that by doing two things: creating outcomes and staying relevant to the world around her.

Since then, we have evolved into many shapes over the years and continue to grow while stating nimble. Each year is a unique chapter in our history and we're proud to have made it so far.

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What Makes Us Unique

⦁    We choose our success – we do not take on projects where we see failure.
⦁    Everyone in Global is a business partner who creates their own success and game-plan.
⦁    We went virtual in 2017 and since mastered the art of a virtual and hybrid working model.
⦁    Values are not just words on the wall or paper – they are our core decision-making framework.
⦁    We are humankind and believe in a different kind of work-life balance blend by being parent, child, and pet friendly.
⦁    As a woman founded the company, you will find here a cocktail of diversity where we uplift women and youth around the world.
⦁    We are a sustainable, paperless company, passionate about the impact we have on the planet for generations to come.

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