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Through design, we enable successful outcomes and make a difference.

About Us

Our Mission

Global Management Consultants is built on a core foundation of design. Design enables us to create, innovate, prototype, get our hands dirty, and enjoy the process. Since our inception, we have been using design to create unique and new solutions for companies and people.

Our multicultural, diverse team of dreamers, creatives, and doers are always ready to take on impossibility as a challenge. We do not believe in band-aid solutions. We are here to develop long term, sustainable solutions to help you fix things.

Our Values

Over the last 24 years, we have developed a unique method of delivering 'touch and feel' measurable results for clients. This has been shaped by our guiding principles and philosophy.
Our guiding principles were shaped to bridge our values into our day-to-day operations at a deeper level. They are simple and practical tenants of our work.​

Stay relevant - to have an impact, we need to be cognizant of the world around us from the market trends to the challenges being faced.
Be authentic - relationships are like pearls and deserve to be nurtured for all stakeholders, be it a customer or a colleague.
Get things done - walk the walk, not just talk the talk… and create outcomes and results through design and action.
Continuously improve - there is no end to perfection and every mistake is a learning opportunity.

Our Approach

Identify the
 EXACT challenge

Design the EXACT solution

Reach the
EXACT outcome

Our Philosophy

Global 3E

Our 3E® Philosophy is how we have maintained a 75% – 95% repeat/ referral-based clientele.
We work toward the Exact Outcome, by identifying the Exact Challenge being faced in order to design the Exact Solution required to get them there.
Global does not believe in creating bandage solutions or using standard models to resolve our client’s need/ situation. We deep dive to find the root cause of an issue and harness a customised strategy around this which compliments a high success rate on all projects we undertake.

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