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Airport Ground Handling Company

A GCC national airline which also provides ground handling services to airlines arriving into its airports in Muscat, Salalah, Seeb and Sohar.


Managers, employees and customers


Muscat and Salalah International airports


Up levels of operations, leadership, employee and customer engagement and customer experience, across the airports

Design Service

Code of business ethics and conduct, service value chain and promise design and execution of leadership framework.

The Challenge

Service levels at most of Nation’s Airports were in chaos. Employee engagement was unheard of,

with declining customer satisfaction and service standards, the company was bleeding. On the other hand, a new international terminal was to be launched in less than 24 months. Client- Ground Handler was also getting ready to open ground handling to other international operators, as well as seeking a joint venture with an international ground operator. This meant getting its 1000+ employees at various airports into a state of readiness, to be able to deliver benchmarked service of the highest standardsin terms of international ground handling.

What We Did

Intensive research was carried out over 4 weeks, the research was a blend of focus groups, customers interviews, airline interviews, Customer feedback data reviews, mystery shopping, and on-floor observatory points, where consultants could observe live interaction amongst, teams, management and customers.  We designed and delivered a 14-month intervention themed as QUALITY VS. QUANTITY QvsQ, to combat the fractured service and a lack of readiness, new frameworks and processes were rolled out such as instant rewards and recognition, regular engagement surveys, etc. The focus on employees was used to create deeper commitment and raise the bar of productivity. This was supported with leadership benchmarks and training as well as customer engagement tools and taken a step further with an intensive QvsQ Ambassadors’ training-the-trainer program.

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