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Private U.A.E Bank

One of the largest private banks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a growing retail presence in the region’ admired for the radical transformation that it has gone through in the structure, culture, values and strategic direction.


Over 700 bank operational staff


United Arab Emirates and India


Using service concepts to enhance internal relationships and processes

Design Service

Performance design and training

The Challenge

An extremely unique challenge was faced by Client-Bank which was to make their 700 plus back office / support/ operations team in to becoming a customer centric team.  However, the senior executive of Client-Bank was also clear that he did not want us to do any training in internal/external customer service, as his conviction was that there is no such thing as ‘internal’ customer service.  He believed that there was only one customer and that was the external customer, that his team must serve, as if the customer was right in front of their eyes.

What We Did

We launched a series of focus groups with Client-Bank’s operational staff.  The findings were daunting.  There was attrition, demotivation, old staff staying on in the jobs, whilst newer and younger team members joining and then leaving for a better prospective almost immediately.  What was left behind after each attrition cycle, teams who were over worked, exhausted and totally demoralized.


The focus groups helped us to design a program called ‘High-Impact Service Management’.  The objective was to bring about a strategy which was first ‘people centric’ in order to become ‘customer centric’. ’High-Impact Service Management’ became a project which was designed to embark the targeted employees on to an emotional journey, to get in touch with their own selves first, in terms of their motivations, aspirations, personal and professional motivators, so that they in turn could then feel and fulfill their customers’ aspirations and expectations. The program involved 2 days of intensive personal development workshops which focused on topics such as the Client-Bank brand, emotional intelligence, brand called ME, blame game, personal and work-based accountabilities, conflict resolutions, and behavioral simulations.


Client-Bank’s Trainers also went through advance certification and train the trainer for the above intervention so as to deliver and manage the same program on a continuous basis. 


DiSC® Profiling was used as an integral development and coaching tool during the project.  Each delegate received a 40 minutes one on one private sessions with the consultant on their strengths, emotions, value to organization, fears and motivation factors.  The aim was to get delegates to understand their inner wirings, at a scientific level and to use the knowledge of self to manage work situations effectively, leading to meeting customer expectations.  The life-coaching sessions also equipped them with insights on the rationale behind their reactions to various situations and people.

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