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Global is a fun and innovative organization. We operate with a fluid work structure to empower and embrace your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.


At Global, we need to warn you; this is not regular 9-5 job. There's no place for egos and everyone learns from each other. Feedback and self-discipline are super important. We celebrate uniqueness, passion, out of the box approaches, and drive. Mistakes are allowed; just make sure you learn from them.


What would you most likely be up at Global?

Your average day is a mix of :

  • Group huddles and Slack calls

  • Sales blitzes

  • Blowing Charlie the Chicken

  • Client meetings

  • A few rounds of competitive jenga or foozball

  • Working on client deliverables

  • Listening to stories from other team members

  • Destroy clay figure and make a new one

  • Once in a while, we throw in team lunches or training days


So what kinds of positions do we have?

We always welcome Junior Consultants as interns or something more permanent. Our internships are 3 months and expect you to be a dynamic doer, passionate about making a difference. After those 3 months, you'll get the chance to join full time - provided you earned it.

If you're looking for something more than an interesting, then get in touch and let's chat.


Junior Consultants

Global is looking for dynamic Junior Consultants to grow with us!


Sounds  interesting so far? Great! Then, let's get to the role.

We've just finished our restructuring and are expanding rapidly. You'll be working with our community of Consultants (other Junior Consultants to the Senior ones), Managing Partners, and CEO to do anything that helps us and you succeed. A few examples of what that might look like are:

  • Market research

  • Strategy / product development and rollout

  • Project support and execution

  • Financial and business modelling

  • Project management

  • Client meetings

  • Group huddles / Zoom calls

  • Plenty of learning


Most of our team were once Junior Consultants (two of whom are now Managing Partners!)

Your performance and attitude will be the reason you'd have a role in Global for the long-term.

Who are you:

  • Quick to learn, focused curios, and enjoy fast-paced environments

  • A critical thinker and problem solver that challenges us to do better

  • We don't mind your quirks, whether you're tattooed, differently abled, or got odd hair

  • Exposure to the consultancy / product management / business development is helpful

  • We are passionate about diversity so be ready to work with people all over the world with different backgrounds

  • You can work from anywhere in the world! Right now we are prioritizing UAE, Turkey, and Jordan based team members.

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