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What's it like working here?

Global is a community driven platform! Everyone learns from each other. We do not have a place for ego. Feedback and self-discipline are important. We celebrate uniqueness, passion, out of box approaches, and drive. Mistakes are allowed; just make sure you learn from them.

Working here means working with consultants (Junior Consultants to the Senior Consultants), Managing Partners, and our CEO, all of whom  do anything necessary that helps us and you succeed.

A few examples of what that might look like are:

  • Market research

  • Strategy/ product development and rollout

  • Project support and execution

  • Financial and business modelling

  • Client meetings

  • Group huddles/ Zoom calls

  • Plenty of learning

Your performance and attitude will be the reason you'd have a role in Global for the long-term. Many of our senior team members were once Junior Consultants (some of whom wiggled their way into being a Managing Partner!) 

What position does Global have open

We always welcome Junior Consultants as interns to become something more permanent. Our JC role is 3 months long and expects you to be a dynamic doer, passionate about making a difference. After those 3 months, you’ll get the chance to join as a Consultant - provided you earned it. If you’re looking for something more than an entry role, then get in touch and let’s chat. We need to warn you though; this is not a regular 9-5 job.

What does it take to join:

  • We don't mind your quirks, whether you're tattooed, differently abled, or got odd hair

  • Quick to learn, focused, curious, and enjoy environments that shift in pace

  • A critical thinker and problem solver that challenges us to do better

  • Exposure to the consultancy/ product management/ business development is helpful

  • Ready to work with diverse people all over the world with varied expertise

  • You can work from anywhere in the world, just be mindful of timezones!

Who are we again?

We are a community driven platform unlike any other. We've been operating virtually since 2017 so we know how to make virtual work smooth and fun. Our 50+ consultants are in over 14 countries and everyone comes with different passions and expertise. Globalites come into this community to set up and grow their business while learning and supporting one another.

Our values are our lighthouse and decision making framework: see more about them here


You're welcome to check out who we are via our LinkedIn page and reach out to the Managing Partners or other consultants at any time! 

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