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CX Retention & Management

  • CX loyalty (in-person, virtual, omnichannel)

  • Brand and service management

  • Values Driver as a Brand

  • Standards design and training

  • Contact centre design and deployment

CX Metrics & Measurement

  • Mystery shopping

  • NPS and Impact surveys

  • CX conversations (Compliments vs Complaints

  • CX Dashboards

Customer Profitability

Global has a clear CX3® model: meet Expectations to develop an Experience, then surpass them to create Excellence. We shift the lens from client to customer to fans via the standards and frameworks to keep customers happy and loyal.

Experiences and Journeys

Experience and journey mapping


Pre, during, and post customer experience management


Client to customer to fan conversion


Virtual, digital, omnichannel, and in-person service excellence

Customer Profitability

  • CX strategy and sales

  • Customer value chain

  • Hyper-personalization 

  • Brand promise and service charter

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