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Talent Management & Development

  • PPP® Per Person productivity

  • Behavioral and team profiling and coaching

  • Everything DiSC® - the Culture Catalyst™

  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® - Rise Together™

  • eLearning & Blended Learning design and delivery

  • Competency based frameworks & learning

  • High impact performance driven interventions

Talent Experience

  • Talent lifecycle experience mapping and management

  • Talent journey development

  • Talent engagement and virtuality

  • Values and cultural management

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Internship and trainee program design and productivity


Global knows that successful business is powered through performance, values, and culture. We ensure people are engaged and productive through talent experience, management, and development, regardless of being home, off-site, or in the office.

Thinking Outside the Board®

Board excellence in a Business Pandemic

Humanised Board - People dynamics

Live simulation on internal board conflicts management

Peer to peer influence and impact mechanism

Masterclasses for new board members

Talent Mobilty & Release

  • Redundancy and redeployment support

  • Outplacement and career transition

  • Rightsizing and reskilling frameworks

  • Back to the job market - integration

  • Coach-for-life® support

The Business Pandemic CEO®

Crisis leadership

Virtual company management

Resilient leadership

CEO to CEO coaching

The inclusive and future fluent leader

Work of Leaders®

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